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We have essentially created Store Products to answer the needs expressed for many years by Import/Export companies, especially for the Costing price calculation. Our application answers to all of company’s functional processes, with additional assets like the usability, the speed, the share of information, the safety of the data, internationalization, access by simple web navigator, and many other features to dynamize your growth, even in crisis time.
Most ERP are airtight and motionless, and don’t adapt to the new needs of a company. Products Store is made to adapt itself to your demands et to accompany you in your evolution. We can include your specific features in our application.
We have put forward the ease of access from a simple 3G connection, to help the mobility and share your data with all of your collaborators, whatever their languages. Products Store is available in different languages.
Our application is sold by functional module et not by user license. The number of users is unlimited on all chosen modules.
Products Store is made to answer to business requirements contained in each module, each module can be independent. However some modules depends on other, so you can’t for example, buy the orders module if you don’t have the products module.
Products Store is a web application easy to install. You just need to have a Web Server with a MS SQL Server database. Then, each user can access with a modern browser.
We have implemented data import and export features, very easy to use. But if you want to take back data from your old ERP, we can do an analysis and then a specific offer to take back all your data.
Products Store uses the latest technologies of information, so we can exchange with whatever system, thanks to our API. We also have integrated imports and exports features to exchange data with most ERP, like Sage, Cegid ...
We propose all types of contracts, depending on your internal organization or on the number of users who use Products Store. We can offer an annual contract for a technical assistance et a monthly contract to accompany you, functionally and technically.
The majority of users of Products Store has become autonomous after one day of formation (by job). Then our support has allowed to answer punctually on specifics questions.